Interesting research by UK mobile operator o2

Here in the UK the traditional closing time of pubs and bars are between 10pm and 11pm(crazy fellows we are, arnt we?). According to a pulse survey data published by the o2, they have detected a surge in the use of there mobile internet services during these times. Apparantly email, news headline reading and social networking are the top activities of the drunken rebellers.

To be specific, 42 per cent of respondents uses their phones to send late night emails at least once a week. A third of visits goes to social networking sites such as facebook to change their status or check out what their friends are doing and 1 in 5 are donwloading music.

But suprisingly men are leading this poll, accessing the internet on their mobile device nearly twice as often as women over a 3 month period.

Head of contents for the o2, Antony Douglas says:

The o2 pulse research confirms that one of the first things people do on their way home from a night out is to surf the web from their mobile. With applications and the internet now so easily available, customers are hungry to chat, gossip, play and facebook the small hours away on their phones, which might lead to a few embrassed red faces in the morning.

Who said Britian has become broken from people being constantly drunk, well according to the 02 research they are keeping well in contact.

We would like to know, on average how often do you use your mobile for the web, regardless of what it is you do.