Tesco releases iPhone App

One of the huge retail supermarket in the UK has release an application for the iPhone call Tesco finder.

The application locates your nearest store and help you get there through the iPhone’s map, or you can simply type in a twn or city name and the application will list all Tesco branches in ad around that location.

When a branch is selected from the results, you will be able to read its full address, contact telephone and a list of all the facilities it offers, that includes cash machines, pharmacy, toilets,cafe, Tesco Direct ordering and pickup, photo processing, recycling and petrol station.

The application has a ‘find product’ function, when at the store, type in the product you which to find and it should tell you the aisle, unit and shelf which the product sits.

Apple officially rejected the application back in september after it was found to be defective.

I havnt tested this yet but will and give an update to how it turns out.