Android OS running on an iPhone 3G

We saw it running on iPhone 2G, very unstable. Now planetbeing has manage to get the Android OS running on an iPhone 3G, still unstable but really amazing. I hope it will be stable soon because I for one can’t wait to get it on my 3G.

The hope is that you should soon be able to carry around your first-generation iPhone or iPhone 3G running Android and use it just as normally as you would any other Android phone.

Being able to run this on my iPhone would save me going out and getting the new HTC Desire, but will it be as fast as the Android OS 2.2 running on the HTC. I tested the HTC Desire over the weekend and that thing is absolutely fast, browsing, gaming, everything is considerably faster than the iPhone 3GS. This is because the HTC sets aside a specific memory when browsing the internet or playing games.

Anyway back to the Android hack. There is no news when it will be release to the public but it shouldn’t be long. For now enjoy the video: