Verizon iPhone 4

Yesterday morning a Verizon press conference took place. The main thing announced at this was the release of the new iPhone 4 on Verizon’s CDMA net work. This means it will have no sim card like the iPhone always has. It also means a slight design change like the volume buttons moved just a little. That said, the cases currently available for the iPhone 4 might/probably won’t fit. Possibly all of them.

The Verizon iPhone will be the similar to the current one, except for just a few things like the changes in button placement mentioned above. Another difference is the new one will have “Hot Spot” functionality which means you will be able to use it like a modem and connect up to 5 devices to its 3G connection. There is no 4G connection for this iPhone because Verizon says the customers wanted it now and making it 4G capable would require a complete design change. Also there is no sim card slot and there are 4 antennas instead of the current 3. And they will be in a different places. The top one will be moved to the top left corner and another one will be added to the top right corner.

This new network possibility will allow many more people to get the phone they have always dreamed of, making the iPhone all the more popular. Another change the network brought is when you are on a call, you can’t use data. CDMA just isn’t capable of this and that won’t change for the iPhone.

With all this stated, are you going to get the new one? Are you going to switch networks? Let us know in the comment section.