iPhone and iPad Apps to Download For Free: 8b bit app, Chariso(Bike Rider), Zammoth and More

On todays iPhone/iPad apps to download for free, we have a Bike race game you’ll love, best way to have 5 minutes relaxation, a chess inspired game and more. The corresponding icon below takes you directly to the application on the App Store.

The developers are the only ones that have control of whether the applications remain free, all prices are subject to change at anytime, without notice. If the apps are not free anymore there is nothing we will be able to do.

8bit app: Use your webcam or DSLR camera to capture 8bit holographs that are made with your iPhone/iPad. Simply type in your message, add 8bit space invader characters, choose colors, adjust exposure time, and set depth. You then slide your iPhone/iPad slowly to either side to capture the holograph with your camera. For iPhone and iPad iOS.

8bit app is available for free until feb 07.

Chariso(Bike Rider): This is the Crazy Mobile Bike Race game that has exceeded 10 million blockbuster DL.  you ride the bike and trying to jump over the wall, bad roads and valleys. Don’t be overtaken by competitors come running from behind! It’s so simple UI. Just push the jump button to jump on the screen. Once you play, you can’t quit it. For iPhone iOS

Chariso(Bike Rider is available for free for a limited time.

Original Mandala Relaxation: Mandala is the best way to have 5 minutes relaxation. Choose a mandala. Read the inspirational words. Watch the mandala, and let all the bad things go. Be yourself. Immerse in the eternity of the visual meditation. Take a breath, gaze into the center of the mandala and for a moment stop looking for alternatives. For iPhone iOS.

Original Mandala Relaxation is free for a limited time.

Zammoth: Zammoth is a great and unique turn-based strategy game supporting Game Center Multiplayer. It plays like chess, but adds more possibilities! Fight on different maps consisting of different kinds of tiles all with unique possibilities and limitations! Choose one of two armies, who both fight for domination of the world of Zammoth, and lead it across dry land, through cold snow, prepare for delay in the desert and hide your characters in forests.. Each turn you can move one character, but choose wisely, they all have their characteristics and special rules. Let your wizard attack with magic, move your invisible spy through enemy lines and dazzle them with your astral walker! For iPhone iOS.

Zammoth is available for free for a limited time.

iTunar: iTunar is the ideal music player for in your car or bike. iTunar makes it easy to control your favorite music by providing you with a fullscreen info of what’s playing, with easy to use gestures(swipe actions) for Forward/Previous, Volume etc. Special dimmer for nightly drives, just choose your favorite songs and go! Options for autolock disabling, play on app start, pause on app end, artwork animations, etc. A clear and simple interface with not to many actions is what you need to drive safely, no options on the main screen, just swipe the screen, you don’t even have to look at it. For iPhone iOS.

iTunar is available for free for a limited time.