iPhone and iPad Apps to Download for Free: Crazy Rubber Duck, My Kid said, Three Kingdoms TD and More

On today’s list of iPhone/iPad apps to download for free we have a crazy duck for you to squeeze,a TD game based on ancient China history, remember what the kids said by recording the little one. We have got some nice apps today so check them out, hit that icon to take you to the App Store.

The developers are the only ones that have control of whether the applications remain free, all prices are subject to change at anytime, without notice. If the apps are not free anymore there is nothing we will be able to do.

Crazy Rubber Duck: Squeeze the duck! The rubber duck squeaks when you touch it. Well, of course. But this duck is special. Find out how why it is called the “Crazy Rubber Duck” and how it becomes crazy.
Or is it you going to be crazy squeezing all the time? For iPhone iOS.

Crazy Rubber Duck is free for a limited time.

Three Kingdoms TD- Legend of SHU: Tired of TD games of guns and rockets? Three Kingdoms TD is definitely worth your trying. It is a unique TD game on iPhone/iPod touch, which story is based on the famous Three Kingdoms era in ancient China history. You will play as the army of Liu Bei, leading the Five Generals of Tiger to fight through over 20 classic battles. You need to deploy your units and heroes effectively to defend your headquarters. Meanwhile, you have several ways to gain the advantage in battles. For iPhone iOS.

Three Kingdoms TD- Legend of SHU is available for free today only (Feb 3)

My Kid Said: Having kids is one of the most awesome experiences in life. Some of the things they say will either having you rolling on the floor, blushing with embarrassment, or biting your tongue.When they said or told something funny, how often do you remember what they said six months later? The answer is probably not often. When our little loved ones learn their first words, they are often self-invented words or interpretations. Although these are fun to look back on later.This application helps you remember and share their stories or quotes on Facebook. For iPhone iOS.

My Kid Said is available for free until friday (Feb 4)

Quotes, Murphy’s Laws and Art of War: Looking for a little motivation in your life ? An app containing all those words of wisdom with some funny quotes thrown in is here ! You can post these quotes even on your Facebook profile. A 3-in-1 app that contains more than 13000 quotes, 2000 murphy’s laws and the famous strategy book – Art of War. A good reference app for people looking for motivation, or those writing articles or thesis and business propositions. Quotes are organized into sections and can be searched based on topic and author. For iPhone iOS.

Quotes, Murphy’s Laws and Art of War is available for free today only (Feb 3).

Photo Fun with Swirling Face for iPad: Swirl face photo iPad version, Just for fun ! Capture your friends’ face , then apply some magics with just one slider, you can make your friends laugh ! That is not end, you can upload them to facebook photo album, send twitter picture message with short link, email with picture attachment. It is recommended to use in the party, especially for Christmas. That is what we are pursuing ! Bring happiness to you ! The only purpose of this application is to bring more laughing to your life. No harm, no attack, just fun with your finger on face : ) We are focusing on professional image processing, with simple application to replace complicated operations with PhotoShop. For iPad iOS.

Photo Fun with swirling Face for iPad is available for free for a limited time.