Review: IntoNow

Have you ever simply wondered what movie or television show you are watching and not been able to find out?  Now there is a truly amazing application for iOS devices.  It is called IntoNow and with stunning reliability,  it will tell you what exactly you are watching.

Whether it’s a TV show, Movie, or anything that has been aired in the last five years, IntoNow will identify it for you.  Along with telling you the title of the program, it will also identify the episode, cast information, and future airings.  It can also connect you to Facebook so you can share what you are watching to your friends and let you know what your friends are watching.  This app is very similar to Shazam, if any of you know about that.  Shazam is an app that will listen to your music and tell you what song it is.  This app is just as useful for the avid television viewer.  The app is free for now but I can’t be sure how long that will last.  It requires iOS 4.0 on the iPhone and iPod touch and iOS 3.2 on the iPad.  Since this app will be listening to the show a microphone is needed.

To check out this app for yourself click here.  The only sad part is that it will not recognize commercials and it is a United States only app.