iPhone and iPad Apps to Download for Free: iClay, eyeDrive, Zodiac Signs and More

The list of today’s iPhone and iPad apps to download for free are pack with some very useful applications. We have one to manage your income and expenses, the best way to play your music while driving is to get this app, the iPad as no built in calculator why not pick up one for free, this and more. Get them while you can.

The developers are the only ones that have control of whether the applications remain free, all prices are subject to change at anytime, without notice. If the apps are not free anymore there is nothing we will be able to do.

Nexus Money: You can manage your income and expenses with simple and easy to use user interface.
This application has functions as minimum as possible for handy management of your money. Add income and expenses and check how much money did I earn and spend in this month, year or any period you want. This application is not for users who want to manage your money thoroughly. For iPhone iOS.

Nexus Money is available for free for a limited time.

Zodiac Signs: Your zodiac determines who you are. Combining the chinese and the western methods, you can get an eerily accurate picture of a person. This app contains all the various zodiac signs, and the traits of the zodiac for everyone.
Use this app to find out your destiny today. Or find out the destiny of your girlfriend or friends. It’s surprisingly accurate. For iPhone iOS.

Zodiac Signs is available for a limited time.

eyeDrive: eyeDrive is the perfect way to play your music while driving! Finally you can keep your eyes on the road while playing your music and changing tracks. eyeDrive turns the entire multitouch screen into a giant iPod control surface. With tons of gestures and customizable playlists, eyeDrive is the one and only app every driver needs. Just tap anywhere to start your music, then tap again to pause it. Swipe across the screen to change tracks. Works perfectly with all your playlists and albums. For iPhone iOS.

eyeDrive is available for free today only (Feb 8).

Super Calculator for iPad: Super Calculator is for those who have no time to use pen and paper. If you need to save time and get accurate results, then Super Calculator will equate for you. No matter where, when and how…it’s the simplest method to get your queries answered in no time.
Select categories from the library among Physics or Trigonometry or Algebra. There are many formulae for each category. Just select the equation and assign value for it and it will show the result. Super Calculator will calculate a numeric solution for your equation with the values you assign to variables. For iPad iOS.

Super Calculator for iPad is available for free today only (Feb 8).

iClay: Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a block of clay! This new version has been completely redesigned from the ground up. The clay is now more detailed and 3D than ever before! For iPhone iOS.

iClay is available for free for a limited time.

Funny USA Laws: Did you know that in New York “It is illegal for a woman to be on the street wearing body hugging clothing”? Or that a fine of $25 can be levied for flirting? Or did you know in Texas “It is illegal to take more than three sips of beer at a time while standing”? I bet ya didn’t, and I bet your friends don’t know them either. Use this app to know the strange, strange laws in each state, and next time when you’re out at a bar, perhaps you can genuinely put out a citizens arrest on the lady that’s flirting too hard! But of course, you’ll then need this app to prove that you are justified in doing this. For iPhone iOS.

Funny USA Laws is available for free for a limited time.