iPhone and iPad Apps to Download fro Free: Racer, Legends of Pirates Pro, Live Cams and More

We love sharing apps that as gone free and today we have a few apps worth taking the time to download, after all they are free. Control your webcam, another pirate game, an addictive racing game with a twist, these an more.

The developers are the only ones that have control of whether the applications remain free, all prices are subject to change at anytime, without notice. If the apps are not free anymore there is nothing we will be able to do.

Racer: Racer is a simple, fun and addictive racing game where you drive your car with a finger through the extreme highway traffic. If you always wanted to test your reaction skills and have a good fun on the road but had enough sense not to try it in real life, Racer is your choice. For iPhone iOS

Racer is available for free today only(Feb 9)

Language Central for Science Life Science Edition: Make studying vocabulary terms fun and engaging with Pearson’s Language Central for Science app featuring the Word Fly game experience! First, boost your memory with Interactive Science Flash Cards that span Life, Earth and Physical science topics. Next, test your skills and take the Trivia challenge! Finally, have fun and play the Word Fly game to impress your teacher with your hunger for science knowledge! This app is great for kids and parents to practice and refresh science vocabulary skills. This app is recommended for students in grades 6 to 8. For iPhone iOS.

Language Central is available for free for a limited time.

Legends of Pirates Pro: The merciless sea is very dangerous, but pirates have always been sailing far across the vast sea and persistently making legendary adventures! Legend of Pirates is a strategic action game for iPhone/IPod touch/Ipad. This game is fun and easy to play. Slide your fingers across the screen and use special skills of each ship to overcome obstacles attacking pirate ships and try to sail farther. You can play the captain of a pirate ship, lead your brave sailors and choose your favorite ship to challenge all the obstacles in your voyage with your wisdom and strength. Terrific visual effects, unique monsters, exciting and new voyages, smooth play and uplifting battle music are sure to bring you the best game experience. For iPhone iOS.

Legends of Pirates Pro is free for a limited time.

Live Cams: Why buy separate apps to view and control your webcams, this one handles hundreds of models in one app! Live Cams is the ORIGINAL public/private IP camera/webcam viewer with the ability to pan tilt and zoom supported devices. Over 85 manufacturers are supported in this single app! There are dozens of copycat apps on the store now, but we’re still the most feature rich! Contains more than 3000 public webcams all over the world from one interface! Many of them can be controlled with this app so you can move around, zoom in and take snapshots! For iPhone iOS.

Live Cams is available for free today only (Feb 9).

2012 Elements USA: It is a fun side-scrolling shooter with a really neat graphical style!! The date December 21, 2012, we are getting closer to Mayan’s Judgment Day!!! who can save our world??? For iPhone iOS.

2012 Elements USA is available for free today only (Feb 9).