iPhone and iPad Apps to Download for Free: Broken Compass, MovieScanner, Training Skills and More

Today’s list of iPhone and iPad apps to download for free, we have the ultimate movie inventory app for iPhone and iPod Touch, need directions try this app, the fastest way to share your contacts, these and more.

The developers are the only ones that have control of whether the applications remain free, all prices are subject to change at anytime, without notice. If the apps are not free anymore there is nothing we will be able to do.

Contact Share – BlueTooth Mania: The fastest app to share contacts at the app store. Need to share your contact with your friends or someone else? Then just use “Contact Share – BlueTooth Mania” because it’s very easy and quick to use. For iPhone iOS.

Contact Share is available for free for a limited time.

Click Me Stick Me – Stickers Edition: Is your child tired of learning or just plain bored? Is using iPhone the only thing your child wants to do all day long?
Are you helpless in trying to reach your child? We have exactly what you need – the Click Me Stick Me app! This new application gives your child access to unlimited fun and, what is more important, it offers great educational value, which your child might not even notice. It enhances the powers of observation, it teaches logical thinking and decision making and it shows the consequences of choices made. For iPhone iOS.

Click Me Stick Me is available for free for a limited time.

Space Snake: Space Snake is the modern version of the classic snake game we all know and love. Tired of just being able to move in four directions? Then Space Snake is just for you! With its intuitive tilt controls you can move in any direction you want, and even control how fast you want to move. You can also warp around the edges to get out of those tricky situations. The classic rules still apply though, your objective is to eat as much food as you can without crashing against yourself. But unlike other snake games out there, in Space Snake the only limit to how large you can grow is your own skill. For iPhone iOS.

Space Snake is available for free today only (Feb 17)

Broken Compass: Ever been lost and needed direction?  Buy an iPhone 3GS and use the compass. Ever known exactly where you were and needed to get lost?  Buy our App!  It’s a broken compass, or maybe it’s cursed or blessed, we’re actually not sure. The pointing algorithm was delivered to our lead as hand written Fortran on a papyrus scroll by three witches in Dharma branded coveralls!  It uses code so mystical and magical that even IBM main-framers have no idea what its doing! For iPhone iOS.

Broken Compass is available for free for a limited time.

MovieScanner: Welcome to MovieScanner – the ultimate Movie inventory app for the iPhone and iPod Touch! Have you been collecting DVD’s, Blu-rays and video tapes and always wanted to have a current catalog of what you own? Until now, this was a cumbersome job involving a PC, some kind of database program and LOTS of time… but not anymore! MovieScanner lets you build a compehensive list of your movies in an automated and convenient way – without typing! And you can take it on the road, too! For iPhone iOS.

MovieScanner is available for free today only (Feb 17).

Training Skills: ComboBook: Combobook – Training Skills is not simply a textbook but an interactive educational system that helps users learn how to effectively train employees to successfully cope with rapid and unexpected changes and increase the productivity of their businesses as a result. Download Training Skills now to discover the most optimal training methods to ensure that every member of your organization understands their individual responsibilities, subsequently allowing them to work both alone and together as a cohesive team at the peaks of their potential. For iPad iOS.

Training Skills is available for free for a limited time.