iPhone and iPad Apps to Download for Free: Football Fantasy, Scribeit, M-Converter and More

On today’s iPhone and iPad Apps to download for free, manage your manage your fantasy time with this app, a nice currency converter, paint your kids face without paint, these and more.

The developers are the only ones that have control of whether the applications remain free, all prices are subject to change at anytime, without notice. If the apps are not free anymore there is nothing we will be able to do.

Football Fantasy: Easy to play, hard to master!  Full fill your fantasy to take charge of your favorite football club today. In this game you will be able to make all the key decisions that you always dream of. You can hire new players, handle the budget and train your team so that they become the very best. Compete for the 1st position in a real live league with over then 200,000 players. For iPhone iOS.

Football Fantasy is available for free for a limited time.

Scribeit: ScribeIt is an app that lets the user add text/s to a picture taken from the photo library or camera, to a solid color background, or cool textures. ScribeIt can also be used for Typography, which is the art and technique of arranging type, type design, and modifying type glyphs.(Wikipedia) Because ScribeIt has numerous font styles and colors to choose from, designing your messages on a solid colored background (or any background you have) is ever too easy! Express your creativity anytime, anywhere with ScribeIt for iPhone! For iPhone and iPad iOS.

Scribeit is available for free today only (Feb 22).

M-Converter: M-Converter is a currency converter. You can select your favorite currencies. Available rates for 168 currencies. The exchange rates are updated when loading the application. For iPhone and iPad iOS.

M-Converter is available for free today only (Feb 22).

Kid Face: Best face painting app: Best and only face painting app for your iPhone. Welcome to the iPhone face painting world. Your kid will love it. Your friends will love it. Have fun and paint your kid face on iPhone – hours of fun with multiple characters and great blending effects. Send it to grandparents! Send it to whole family! For iPhone iOS.

Kid Face is available for free for a limited time.

Inspired Natural Wisdom and Audio Affirmations: Filled with the inspirational insights revealed by nature’s many amazing processes, “Inspired” reads like an encyclopedia of nature facts, with photos, a diary, audio affirmations and workbook style exercises. With nature as your teacher ~ find the inspiration to achieve lasting success! “Inspiration is true to its name, breathing the life of nature back into our daily world.” Choose from a list of positive and negative emotions, photos or simply explore how nature can inspire you to overcome difficulty. “An inspiring and relaxing talk with nature!” ~ “Just the app you need to meditate and relax!” For iPhone and iPad iOS.

Inspired Natural Wisdom and Audio Affirmations is available for free for a limited time.