Review: Ringtone Remix

Ringtone Remix Pro (with Dropbox support) - Electric Pocket

If you want to use those tracks in your iPod library as your ringtone then Ringtone Remix is the app to download, brought to you by electricpocket. Creating a ringtone from your iPhone as never been so easy and so quick. Simply select the song you want and while listening to the song select the portion you would like for your ringtone. Then either email the file to yourself to add it to iTunes or sync your iPhone to access it with iTunes file sharing.


  • Create ringtones from your iPod music
  •  Use your new tones for ringtones and alarms
  •  Real zoomable music waveform
  • Magic button picks the best part of the track
  •  Preview your tone and how it loops
  • Send & share ringtones with Dropbox


I’ve used ringtone remix and the ease of use makes it great. The user interface is really good and straight forward. If you like creating ringtones there is no better app than Ringtone Remix, interms of faster and easier to use. The application cost $0.99 (£0.59) and worth the price. There is also a lite version available, but there is a 30 second limit oin the length of the ringtone.