Sky News for iPad Launched

Sky News for iPad - BSkyB

Sky news have release their new iPad app and it is great. Sky news for iPad is a completly new way to experience breaking news. Users are able to pause and rewind live video just like how you would on a Sky TV subscription. Sky have delivered great contents for mobile and online but the iPad app is out of the water.
“We wanted to bring users more control and flexibility to how they view and interact with the news they want. The result is Sky News for iPad.” Says the head of Sky, John Ryley.
Sky news for iPad is the new way of watching news. The app as only been release on March 16 and it as already claimed the top spot in the charts for all iPad apps.
Sky News for iPad is available for free on the AppStore and will remain free for Sky subscribers. Non-subscribers will have to pay a monthly fee which will be worth it. The amount that they would have to pay is yet to be decided. For now check it out on the AppStore.