Tiny Wings App Review

While AngryBirds had the top spot on the iTunes App Store, a new app has knocked it off its pedestal.  Tiny Wings is a single player game that can claim your attention for quite some time. It is a simple game where all you do is jump.  In the game, you are a “Tiny Bird” and your task is to beat the sun. This is impossible no matter how good you are.  So its your job to get as far as you can.

This games map is all hills.   When you are sliding down a hill you put your finger on the screen and hold it until you get to the bottom.  Once you get to the bottom you release. All that this does is, when you tap, your wings, which by the way are tiny, are put to your sides and when you release your finger your wings are also released making you sort of float or glide.

There are sort of challenges that you can try to beat. They come in 3 and when you beat the 3 then you get a new, harder 3.

This game has been fun and I am still playing it. I recommend you guys get it too.