Tweetbot- The Must Have Twitter Client

There have been talks all over the blogsphere for a day now about the amazing twitter client Tweetbot, which is now available throughout the international iTunes stores. Things said about TweetBot are ”best twitter client since slice bread”, ”twitter client to rule them all” and ”best twitter client ever”. Thats just illustrating a few things that have been said about Tweetbot, can I say these things about it, the answer is yes. I will even go as far and say this is the must have twitter client and the official twitter app as now become useless on my iPhone.

I’ve use Tweetbot and I can say Tweetbot is one amazing app. The user interface is great, the robot style makes it so fun. What did you expect anyway from the guys that brought us Pastebot, Convertbot, Weightbot and Calcbot all amazing and simple to use apps.

The huge array of features will ensure you download no other twitter clients support for multiple timelines; support for services like Read It Later, Instapaper, CloudApp, and URL shorteners; and the ability to attach location data, photos, and videos to your tweets makes it sweet. The robotic sounds makes it more nice to use but the option of turning it off is available. Tweetbot has a huge number of features and we can read all day but there is no better way than to just gve it a try, HERE.

The cost is $1.99, that is cheap compare to all the other twitter clients out there.