MobileCloth Review

Remember I wrote a post to say I would be reviewing the MOBILE CLOTH soon, well I have receive the product yesterday and my first use of it I had to say WOW!! I had no idea a cloth would be able to clean my gadgets so good, I was seriously astonished.  You might say, it’s just a cloth whats the big deal. Well the Mobile Cloth is a one of a kind. With micbrofibers 100 times thinner than human hair the Mobile Cloth is able to grab all the dirt and fingerprint smudges that riddle your gadgets.

I first tried the Mobile Cloth on my iPhone 4, because I use it more than any device in my home or office so it had a hug amount of fingerprint smudges. I literally did three rubs and my iPhone 4 was as clean as the day I purchased it. I didn’t stop there, I used it on my iPad, Macbook, HP laptop, Samsung netbook, Blackberry, Wife’s HTC Desire and my 50” TV. Yes my even my TV, the gadgets around my home are absolutely spotless. It’s amazing, the Mobile Cloth will be in my pocket wherever I go, it’s simply the best there is to get your device clean. Another good thing is it’s washable. The price starts at only $2.99 for one pack and goes up to $12.99 for six pack. A very small price to pay for such a great accessory. Get yours HERE and they do ship to countries outside the US.