GoodReader For iPhone and iPad Goes Secure

GoodReader for iPad - Good.iWare Ltd.

A security-focused version of GoodReader has been released which provides completely automatic and transparent encryption of individual file types selected by the user to secure. The only step users must take is to indicate which files and folders are to be protected, and GoodReader will make sure that iOS transparently encrypts those files and makes them inaccessible as soon as a user locks a device with a passcode. If their device gets lost or stolen, encrypted files will be extremely difficult to crack – short of the attacker guessing the passcode.

By integrating with the iOS’ built-in encryption technology, GoodReader accomplishes two things: keeping files completely safe (especially important to businesses and government agencies) without creating another annoying and time-consuming step or process each and every time a user needs to access a protected file (especially important to the end-user). Another advantage is that protected and unprotected files are opened at the same speed because the encryption/decryption process is handled by special hardware built-in to each iOS device, speeding up the process that it would otherwise take to open an encrypted file.

Another key new feature added to GoodReader is the ability to “flatten” PDF annotations to embed annotations into the main PDF page body, making them visible in all PDF-capable apps (including iPhone/iPad’s standard Mail and Safari apps) regardless of those apps’ inability to display PDF annotations.

Check out the press release HERE. GoodReader is available for both iPad and iPhone. Price is $4.99 (£2.99)