Speed Up Your iPhone With New Cydia Tweak, Speed Intensifier

If you’re tired of your iDevice being a bit sluggish at times then there is a new two part tweak available on Cydia (jailbroken appstore) call Speed Intensifier. I have tried and tested the tweak and I have to say my iPhone 4 is amazingly faster. Speed Intensifier speeds up your iPhone by shortening or completely removing animations, which happens when you open a folder or a window in safari which can slow you down.


  • Speed up your devices up to Dectuple Level
  • Doesn’t drain batteries
  • Maintain same speed throughout applications
  • Works well with SBRotator, Barrel, vWallpaper

I personally thinks it does drain battery a little faster than normal but which one would you prefer a faster iPhone or a battery that drains jsut a little faster. Speed Intensifier is available in 2 parts with the app itself that you can adjust to your liking in Settings.app and the Addon which you can enable in Winterboard. Speed Intensifier and Speed Intensifier Addon can be found in the insanelyi.com repo, if you haven’t got the repo already added then open Cydia go to ”Manage” tab, Sources, tap edit and the add the following ”https://repo.insanelyi.com”.

Speed Intensifier as already hit a huge 84392 downloads. It’s available for all iOS devices. Have a go and let us know what you think.