Backup and Restore AppStore AppData and Cydia Apps Without iTunes

Available in Cydia, Application iBye will be able to do just what the title of this post said, using and FTP server. iBye was intially release on Cydia early 2010, but the newly updated app now includes dropbox support, a few bug fixes and support for the Verizon iPhone.

Cydia Description:

”Have you ever wanted to make a backup of your data, but iTunes wasm’t around? Then iBye is the application for all your data needs. iBye will backup your data on a FTP server of your choosing. iBye will restore this data from the backup on that  FTP server as well.

iBye also supports backups and restores to Dropbox.

iBye can also do a local backup and a local restore on the iDevice itself. iBye has the functionality to remove all the data from the desired application of your choosing. If you feel removing all the data is not the way to go, then how about locking the deletion of the data? iBye can also lock the deletion of data from happening.

If you do not want to use a FTP server, you can just use iBye’s built in web server to download and upload your backup and restore files.

iBye supports AppStore App Data, Cydia Apps, Messages, Notes, Mail, Calendar, Photos, Address Book, Safari, Syslog, and Call History.

iBye’s FTP connection supports EDGE, 3G and WiFi.”
iBye is available on Cydia for $1.99 under ModMyi Repo. Check it out.