Review: Griffin GB01607 Elan Passport folio case for iPad 2

Griffin Elan Passport Folio is finished in a durable, attractive pattern that evokes the look of a high-tech composite graphite material, and its microsuede lining protects your iPad 2 from scratches and smudges. Our folio flips open to reveal your Multi-Touch display; then closes like a book for privacy and protection. The most likeable thing about Griffin Elan Folio is its slim factor as it doesn’t have much space in between and does a good job of hugging the iPad 2.

There is a single line of stitching around the case, which gives a scare that maybe when this single line stitching comes out so will the case will itself. The front of the case is made of some kind of cardboard or plastic however the back is quite flexible and is not made of
cardboard. The back can easily bend and fold very easily. When we install an iPad2 inside this folio, the device slides pretty easily in the pocket.

A flip in the middle can be stuck in the two things on the back which gives a stand up support to the iPad 2. When you press the iPad 2 harder it doesn’t tips over but just slides back.

Besides giving protection to your iPad 2 this smart cover provides easy access to your iPad’s controls as well, as there is a speaker opening, a cut out for camera in the case and headphone jack. The inner cover includes pockets for cards, ID and more, and is held shut by a tab closure.