iCondu, Innovative New iPad App to Manage Your Daily To Do List

iCondu - Right Brain Solutionz LLC

We may write and speak with words but we think in Images!. iCondu uses icons and your own personal pictures to create To Do Tasks instead of Text.  It comes with an extensive library of customizable icons that represent numerous daily tasks and you can create your own or download more from the website.  iCondu is extremely simple to use, but has the back end power to create lists with extensive data embedded into each icon via a details screen, for those power users.
Its unique and very intuitive to use since our brains naturally work better with images and  we all have a strong Symbolic Vocabulary. Develop by Right Brain Solutionz llc iCondu stands out from the rest.

The reason why this app is special and stands out from the competition.

  • Ability to create To Do Lists without a keyboard or using any text input
  • You can input data into every icon, but yet only the icons are visible until you tap the icons to reveal the extra data
  • You can create Quick Lists with the tap of a finger that have a hierarchal format of multiple icons with in them, like an extensive check list all within one icon.  When that icon is double tapped it opens to reveal all the other task icons within it.
  • Customizable User Library to personalize the icons and rearrange them into your own headings and categories/contexts.
  • Ships with a few pre-made Q-Lists for camping, wedding planners, vacation checklists.  You can create as many as you like for your own use.
  • iCondu(SymboList) uses icons that can be customized with your own pictures to create/represent your “Daily To Do Tasks” using your own personal Symbolic Vocabulary.  Watch this video… HERE (Using your own photos)
  • No need for the keyboard unless you want to input more data into the icons details page.  (see last bullet for video)
  • From your mind directly to the inbox with the tap of a finger using your Symbolic Vocabulary
  • Ability to create long check lists(Q-Lists) all within one icon that explodes to display a hierarchal view of all the other icons within it.  Create 1-100 item check lists for travel, contractors, wedding planners, repetitive shopping lists and more  Watch this video… HERE (How Q-Lists work)
  • Create a Quick List one time and it’s always available with just a tap of the finger.  Watch this video… HERE (Creating your own Q-Lists)
  • Import or create your own icons relating to your own personal Symbolic Vocabulary
  • Create your own “User” library of icons to streamline and create lists even faster. Create one heading or as many as you want each with the icons you desire with in that heading.  Watch this video… HERE (Making your own User Library)
  • Arrange you lists into Categories, Contexts, Priorities, or Users, with the 5 ‘My List” Categories, use the GTD system or any other you desire.  Watch the end of this video.(@ time 2:17).. HERE (Customizing the My Lists Section)
  • Ability to add detailed data to every icon, but invisible until you tap on the icon. Watch this video… HERE (Adding data to an icon)
  • You can also use the Text mode option to create a quick To Do list using Symbology without having to search through any of your icons in the libraries.  Watch this video…HERE (Text Mode in iCondu)

The App looks great and can’t wait to check it out. The whole features that the App carries makes the price well worth it, $7.99