iMommy, Great New Kids App

iMommy - Kathleen Shimmield


iMommy is a new iPhone/iPad game for kids developed by a mom searching for a game that could be fun and have an educational twist.
The basic idea of iMommy is your child chooses his or her own baby to take care of and different rooms to interact and care for the baby in. They can even choose from different ethinicities and then have fun changing the babies eyes, hair or outfit color. The baby reacts differently to objects in each room.
For example, if you don’t heat up the babies bottle out of the fridge he will throw it to the floor crying his eyes out…and on occasion throw it at the screen!

The room designs are cheerful and bright in design and for now there are five rooms: playroom, bedroom, kitchen, bath and diaper changing room (which is quite funny and unique).
At first I thought the price point was a bit high at $2.99 (£1.79) but upon learning that future rooms will be added, about one every month or so, and it will all be free! No annoying in app purchases….EVER. Then the price made more sense. New toys and features will be added as well. They released on April 28, 2011 and have their first update on May 16, 2011.
Overall it’s a fun, interactive game that any child of any age and gender would enjoy. It’s definitely a must buy.