Fonerange FM Transmitter for Apple iPhone and iPod

Now turn your iphone into a broadcasting station and get tune into with any frequency on radio station with the FM transmitter for Apple iphone and ipod be in your office or car or your home and enjoy listening music. Easy to use and portable to carry, is available at at affordable price.
Connect the transmitter at the bottom of your gadget and simply enjoy the experience of listening to unlimited exciting music. You can even enjoy listening to music you have in your iphone when you are travelling in a rental car without needing a car kit simply by connecting the transmitter to your device. You can create your own playlist and you can have full control on your music player from your device you can make a nice long car journey a more enjoyable experience.
This FM Transmitter for Apple iPhone and iPod works perfectly integrates high fidelity, stereo and LCD display to check the FM station at night also to give you amorous music experience.