Review: BuckShot

Photography with a twist. Get hours of fun. The interactivity makes BuckShot a great game. Go hunting and snap that picture that will make you the ultimate BuckShot champion. This is the first of its kind. Play a one on one game or play against 50+ people. BuckShot links with your Facebook account to make it much easier to play with your friends. Buckshot takes scavenger hunting to a whole new level, like no other app has before. You are able to play with as many friends as you want, upload photos, and see your friends photos immediately. Its a race to find and take pictures of the items generated on the game board. Some items will be easy to find, and others may take days. Get points for every photo uploaded.

The challenge comes when the items are hard to find.

-Linking the app with Facebook is crucial! This is the easiest way to find friends to play with. You can still ask people for their user names, or email, and input them manually, but Facebook is the easiest.
-Notifications make the game much easier to stay current with game invites, photo uploads, and challenged photos. These can be modified in the “Settings/Help” section.
-Some items can’t easily be found, like a regional store/restaurant, thats what makes the game fun, you have to figure out how to take a picture that fulfills the requirements. i.e. if “Ross Dress for Less” isn’t a store around you, their logo may be on some clothes at a thrift store nearby or in a movie you just happen to be watching.
-The more people playing each game the better the game gets, so go ahead, tell your friends and get those 50+ player games going.
-Rules and game play advice can be be found in the help document located within the app. Read the document or email us for additional help.

BuckShot is available on the AppStore for $1.99 (£1.19). There is also a free version that you can try.


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