Take Notes the Easy and Fun Way With iPhone/iPad App BugMe

BugMe! Reminders - Ink Notepad & Alarms - Electric Pocket

I have come across a new app that makes note taking easy and at the same time fun. BugMe! has been serving as a virtual “string on the finger” since it was first introduced for Palm Pilots in 1997. BugMe is brought to us by Electricpocket the same guys that developed Ringtone Remix, MailTones and Nag. Users can easily pick from 10 new designs for their notes or even use their own photos as a paper style. The app makes it simple to create and set quick reminder notes:

1)     Pick a note style, such as “To Pay” or “Shopping”

2)     Scribble or type a quick note

3)     Use the Quick Alarm to pick a time to be “bugged” – such as “Top of the Hour”, “5 minutes,” “10 minutes”, etc.

4)     Jot notes in ink with your finger.

BugMe!’s “Save to Home Screen” feature lets users save a copy of any note to the app launcher screen. Important BugMe! notes and reminders can be organized and visible on the Home Screen at all times. Not only does BugMe! offer a choice of paper styles and the ability to use pictures as a paper style, but also a large “drag and drop” interface for organization, making it easy to stay on track and remember life’s little tasks.

Also, BugMe! notes can be easily shared by email or Twitter, from within the app, giving users a fun way to send notes and messages to their friends and family.

BugMe is a great replacement to the boring built in notes.app on the iPhone or iPad. I’m a person who constantly forget things that need to be done, having BugMe literally bug me about a note that is important is absolutely great. Users need to be running iOS 4.0 and above to make alarm works. I have tested BugMe notes reminder over and over and I have been reminded for every notes I have set. BugMe is fantastic and I can’t understand why it hasn’t been available on iPhone/iPad sooner. I especially like the way you can choose different colour “post it” to write your notes on. You can even select a photo from your iPhone picture library or snap one from within the app and simply write your note.  For every note I write I use BugMe, it’s just more easy and fun.

BugMe is available on the AppStore for US $1.99. Have a go and let us know what you think