Roadshow – Play Web Videos When Offline

Roadshow - Fetch Softworks

I’ve come across a nice application for iPad that let’s user save their favorite web videos and watch them when offline. Roadshow makes it all easy and quick. The application supports AirPlay with the new AppleTV, so you can enjoy your favorite videos on a big screen. Collect web videos, and play them back anytime, anywhere, even offline.

The developers Fetch Software, put together a simple three step process to get the users going.

  1. Browse a web page with a video, Vimeo, MSNBC, etc.
  2. Tap the video when it appears on the Roadshow shelf to save it.
  3. Enjoy the video anytime, anywhere, even when offline.

According to the developer “The Internet is bursting with great web videos: comedy, music, news, sports, lectures, and kittens being adorable, but until now iPad users had no good way to view their favorite videos when offline. With Roadshow, you can save the videos you discover on your favorite websites – such as Vimeo, Funny or Die, MSNBC, and thousands more – and play them back on your iPad whenever and wherever you’d like.”

The application is free, ad-supported and limited to saving and playing 15 videos. You can remove the ads and the limitations by purchasing the in-app Roadshow Unlimited upgrade for US $4.99. The only downfall is that you cannot save YouTube videos due to the TOS. With Roadshow, saving videos to your iPad couldn’t be any easier.

Give Roadshow a go, what have you got to lose, it’s free.