Securis, The Most Powerful Wallet Application Available on iPhone

Securis - PRNDL Development Studios, LLC
Securis is the ultimate password generator, it not only generate passwords but also stores them. Securis generates cryptographically-secure passwords from 4-32 characters using letters, numbers and even symbol. The app lets you also store bank accounts, credit cards websites and personal information all behind a military-grade, 256-bit AES encryption. Very secured. Securis is packed with a lot of features and I especially like the fact that it’s got a private web browser.

Setting up and getting started is very simple, if you which to generate passcode then open the app tap “generate passcodes” and choose if you would like passcode between 4-32 length characters. You have the option of either choosing to have symbols, numbers or letters(upper and lower case) included in the generated passcode. After each generated passcode you have the option of either emailing, copying, sending by SMS or saving it.

Adding a stored account is just as simple. Starting off, you will need a pin (something you can remember) to add accounts.

The features below depicts how amazing Securis is and the developer seem to have worked hard on it.

– Stores credit card, bank accounts, websites, and other secure information
– Generates cryptographically-secure passwords from 4 – 32 characters, using letters. numbers, and symbols
– Secures information with military-grade, 256-bit AES encryption
– Alphanumeric master key with data protection and self-destruct
– Can copy, sms, print, bluetooth share, or email account information
– Has an in-application private web browser
– Backup Passwords using iTunes File Share or DropBox
– Download your accounts through your browser over a home network
– Beautiful seamless interface and minimalistic design makes working with Securis easy and fun

The recently updated version 3.0 gives you an even more simple and elegant look. Along with some more amazing features:


– Full application reskin
– Alphanumeric master code
– Data protection with self-destruct
– Password strength meter
– Added a private browser
– Username/Password/Email quick paste menu
– Sliding info message now dismisses on touch
– Print support
– Delete all accounts option
– You can now backup to dropbox from the stored passwords screen
– Dropped iOS 3.X.X support
– Web browser supports more URI’s now
– Fixed bug where dropbox accounts would be corrupted
– Quick Tools now have more options
– Swipe left or right through accounts

Securis is an amazing app and we love it. I could write about the huge array of features but we think you would be better off trying it for yourself. Priced at $4.99, it’s a small amount to pay to get “cryptographically-secure passwords” and grade A security to store your personal information private.