ProCamera, The Ultimate Photography App (Video Review)

ProCamera is the ultimate photography app and after using ProCamera there will be no need for you to use the built-in iPhone camera app. For keen photographers or anyone that just uses their iPhone or iPad to capture photos or videos. The app allows you to take a photo, capture a video and edit it from within the application. You can also edit the photos and videos you have already taken with your iPhone/iPad. The features include self-timer, amazing zoom in and out like no other, crop your photo, fix crooked pictures and much more.In 2010 ProCamera was voted the best photography app by Gizmodo. ProCamera is the must have photography app for the iPhone.

Application Details

Title: ProCamera

Category: Photography

Cost: $2.99

Developer: Jens Damgen

Application Website

iPhoneGlance G Rating: 3 out of 5 G’s

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