RateThis! Get Opinion On Difficult Decision (Video Review)

The cut off of the words I mentioned in the video isn’t a bug, according to the developer that was done by design.
RateThis is a social media application that allows you to rate two different things and also lets you put up two pictures of something you would like to be rated. Require someones opinion then why not try RateThis. Wether you need an opinion on choosing between two new cars, new computers or even if you see two different outfits but don’t no which one to choose, then RateThis can help. This is interactive social media without words. RateThis is available on the apple App Store for free. It’s Worth giving RateThis a try.

Application Details

Title: RateThis

Category: Social Networking

Cost: Free

Developer: CookieJar Solutions


iPhoneGlance G Rating: 3 out of 5 G’s

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