Review: Open Roxie’s Doors to fantastic new 3-D worlds

Roxie's Doors - OCG Studios

Following is the Press release of Roxie’s Doors.
OCG Studios and Roxie Munro are happy to announce their brand new iPad app “Roxie’s Doors” (for ages two and up).
A new interactive children’s book app, adapted from the award-winning book by Roxie Munro- this app is now available in the App Store for $2.99 (€ 2,39).

In “Roxie’s Doors,” you can choose to be read to in rhyme by the author, or you can read the book yourself. Words light up as the child finds over 90 hidden objects in the busy, cartoon-style drawings. Check out the 3-D! Tilt the iPad – the screen will move and you can look into every angle, every corner.

“Roxie’s Doors” has many surprising elements. Open mysterious doors, lift firehouse flaps, raise boat hatches, peep into doctor’s cabinets, look out train windows, peer under a car’s hood. Float in space, check out a theatre’s back stage – and in each of these secret fascinating worlds, animate hidden objects and activate a multitude of sounds.

Seek-and-find games are good for childrens’ visual discrimination and concentration. With the help of this app, children can also increase their vocabulary, by searching for objects that might be new words for them.

Some awards for Roxie Munro’s “Doors” book CHILD magazine’s Best Book of the Month
Horn Book Summer Reading Choice
Bank Street College Best Book of the Year Selection Scholastic Parent & Child Best New Book.