Crates Night Shift, A Unique and Challenging Puzzle Game for the iPhone and iPad (Video Review)

Crates Night Shift is a puzzle game with a twist. Unique, challenging, fun and highly addictive is the way to describe this game. Crates Night Shift, $0.99 by developer Blitpop is a game that every puzzle lovers will fall for.

Work the night shift to get those crates across the world in time. Your objective is to clear all crates from the screen to progress to the next level. Simple, so you might think, but you have to choose the right set of crates unless you will lose your move. Don’t get fooled by how simple the first 10 levels are, that’s just to get you relax.

Once you start to progress beyond level 10, the game will become a lot more challenging, and thats what makes Crates Night Shift so much fun. With 140 levels you will get caught up and probably miss a few errands. Once you start playing Crates Night Shift you won’t want to put your iPhone or iPad down. There is also a free version available so you will be able to see what the game is all about.

Application Details

Title: Crates Night Shift

Category: Game

Cost: $0.99

Developer: BlitPop

Developers Website

iPhoneGlance G Rating: 4 out of 5G’S

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