Further Beyond Fighting HD for iPad, Violence is no Solution, But an Option (Video Review)

Further Beyond Fighting for iPad is great, fun, and absolutely amazing fighting game. Street fighter meets Tekken, Yes, it’s that good. The graphics are amazing the sound is fabulous and the game play is really cool. Further Beyond Fighting HD is like Street fighter but got it’s own unique features, we especially like the “Real-Time Injuries – As characters sustain hits, they appear exhausted and suffer real injuries. ALL RENDERED IN REAL-TIME!”

Further Beyond Fighting is a must have game. Playing the game on the iPad makes me wonder why would anyone be bother with a Playstation console when you have amazing games like this one for the iPad. Select from four different game modes Arcade, VS, Survival and Training to maximise your skills. With 3 difficulty levels, Easy, Normal and Hard you will find the game challenging. What’s also great about this game is the fact that each character have their own individual moves. “Violence is no solution – but an option”, that’s the game slogan. This is the first game to ever get our 5 out of 5G’s rating, it must be really good to get a top rating from us.

Application Details

Title: Further Beyond Fighting HD

Category: Game

Cost: $6.99

Developer: PJS-Coding S.L.

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iPhoneGlance G Rating 5 out of 5G’s 

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Further Beyond Fighting HD - PJS-Coding, S.L.