How Dirty is your Mind, Find out With iPhone App iThink Dirty

iThink Dirty iPhone app, lets you know just how dirty your mind is. Entertaining and fun you will have a great laugh with this app. Get your friends, significant other or even family member in on the act to find out how dirty their thoughs are. With up to 50 fun questions, the app will be able to map out how dirty you are.

The images are set up to be misleading as possible so look carefully and try hard not to reveal that dirty mind of yours. The 50 questions become repetitive after a few goes and the feedback you receive when you choose an answer can also get tiresome.  The developers will improve on this and also ask for your suggestions on what to include in the next update. However the application is fun, definitely one for the office parties.

Available for only $0,99, you won’t break the bank and you are guaranteed to some great fun.

Application Details

Title: iThink Dirty

Category: Entertainment

Cost: $0.99

Developer: Wise Dogs Services Inc

Developer’s WebSite

iPhoneGlance G Rating 3 out of 5G’s

iThink Dirty - Wise Dogs Services Inc.