Minesweeper Q, Classic and Fun Game for iOS

Minesweeper Q is a classic minesweeper game available for all iOS devices. Object is to find the empty squares and avoid the ones with the mines, the quicker you clear the board, the higher your score. Change the look of your board to your preference. The look, the feel, the sound effects are amazing. With game center support, you will have the ability to share your high score. The game comprises of 3 difficulty levels and 1 custom level so you will have a huge challenge. The addition of the help option makes it more pleasant and you don’t have to go through the game guessing how to play. Minesweeper Q is exciting and challenging, so go ahead and get tapping, but avoid those mines. There its also a full version of Minesweeper Q.

Application Details

Title: Minesweeper Q

Category: Game

Cost: Free

Developer: Yi-Lun Lin

Developers Website

iPhoneGlance G Rating 3 out of 5G’s

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