Help The Tiny Star Find it’s True Love in StarTales

Startales is a simple and accessible game on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in which you play a tiny star who sails away into the sky to find his true love. You will travel into the heavens, and as far as outer space to touch the stars, balancing from cloud to cloud, and using momentum to acquire speed to travel ever farther and farther.

“Start a great adventure and sail away into the sky to find your true love! Soar into the heavens and as far as outer space to touch the stars, balance from cloud to cloud and use momentum to acquire speed so you can zip along at high speeds traveling ever farther and farther. Two tiny stars in the sky, an impossible love affair, a relentless shadow pursuing you : You are the last hope for their union, so they can dance and glow together in the glorious night of their love.”

Application Details

Title: Startales

Category: Game

Cost: Free

Developer: Alexis Bacot

Game Website

iPhoneGlance G Rating 3 out of 5G’s

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