Challenge Your Reflexes in The Exciting Universal iOS Game Surge – Review

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Surge v1.1.0 is the exciting game that challenges your reflexes. Get hours of fun in this frantic fast tapping action iOS game. The goal of Surge is to tap all the blocks that appear on the screen, but you must be quick. Tapping blocks that come at you in waves earn you points. Get 100% and get the option to Surge. Surge earns you more points but if you don’t continue that 100% streak while in Surge you will lose it all.

The game is complete with 12 levels, each consisting of 8 different waves, the further you progress and earn points the harder and faster the waves get. Each level features some nice background and topped of with some nice feet tapping music. Surge is challenging, fun and really addictive, (so addictive you might miss picking up the kids on time, thats what happened to me). The developer as also recently added 3 speed difficulties that you will be able to unlock as you play and also an option to include explosive blocks which you might want to avoid during gameplay. Game center is supported so compete against your friends, rack up high score and try to conquer the endurance round.

We love Surge, the gameplay is great, the interface is amazing and the sound is fantastic. You will have a lot of fun, the game is really addictive. If you want to improve your reflexes and reaction then Surge is a great game to start with. Priced at $0.99, we have to say it’s well worth. There is also a lite version available if you want to try. We have given Surge a 4 star rating, why not give us your own rating.

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Title: Surge – Tom Ward

Category: Games

Cost: $0.99

Developer: Tom Ward

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Surge - Tom Ward