Face Bender, Have Fun Twisting, Stretching and Bending Faces on your iPhone -Review

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=3]

Face Bender is an entertaining application that allow users to take a picture of someones face then bend, twist, stretch and wrap it. You have the option to mess around with the two faces that the app provides or take a picture of your friends face or your own and add some really fun and scary effects. Face Bender is fun to use and your family and friends will be amaze by how their face can look after a bit of tapping and swiping.

The app has a simple and easy to use interface but there is still a direction tab. The graphics could be a bit more detailed but not a huge problem. It also lacks a way to easily share your finish project via Twitter or Facebook. You do have the option to save to your photo album but we would like to see a one button tap to quickly send it to your friends.

All that aside, Face Bender is a fun and entertaining application that does exactly what it says. Packed with a lot of different effects to create a hilarious image.

Application Details

Title: Face Bender

Category: Photo and Video

Cost: $2.99

Developer: Brian Gosselin

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