New iOS Game Mystery Ball Set to Launch this Fall

Released Date Fall 2011

Who is FRED? And why is he the subject of the Professor’s elaborate experiment? Mystery Ball, an iOS game launching this fall, aims to answer these questions.

Mystery Ball is a ball-rolling puzzle/adventure game. FRED doesn’t know who he is or where he came from, and must conquer fears and foes as he discovers the answers to his own mystery. FRED is rolled by the player using swiping motions, as opposed to existing ball-rolling games that use tilting. Each level is comprised of a rich, vibrant environment that floats high in the air, with sharp drop-offs at every turn and frenemies waiting for FRED to roll by. The Professor’s rusty, steampunk tools and inventions round out the test area.

FRED is plagued by several phobias in addition to his amnesia: aphephobia (fear of being touched), acrophobia (fear of heights) and chronophobia (fear of time). FRED has to overcome his fears by collecting bravery badges that unlock skills related to each fear. Find out more about FRED’s fears at the Mystery Ball site.

Mystery Ball is entirely the work of one developer, David Howe. Howe is responsible for the art, design, and coding of the game, and it’s been an undertaking over six months from inception to the complete game.

Howe is the creator of Curator Defense. He attended DigiPen and worked at Handheld Games as a game programmer and designer. Mystery Ball is a product of Red Nova Labs Games.

Application Details

Title: Mystery Ball

Category: Games

Release: Fall 2011

Developer: David Howe

Game Website

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