MK61+ The Programmable RPN Calculator for iPhone

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MK61+ is a programmable calculator for the iPhone. MK61 allows you to calculate in authentic style. The app is basically based off the electronika MK61 calculator from the 80-90s, but its not an exact emulator of its prototype, but it does try. I like the look and the sound you get when you tap the numbers. It’s also got a number of programs which includes, area of a circle, indirect jumps, loop and subroutine, compound interest and more.

The calculator is a bit hard to use, but does comes with an extensive guide. It’s a handy app and fun to use. If you’re keen on maths then MK61+ is a must have, I personally will find it hard to replace my built in calculator with MK61+. It also lacks a landscape mode.

The main calculator features are the following:

  • Authentic look and feel.
  • Good balance between powerful features and simplicity of use.
  • Quick State¹ panel to get easy insight into calculator’s state.
  • The rich help system including Quick Help² and Calculator Guide.
  • Ability to save and load and e-mail programs and data.
  • Support for input and output operations on data files.
  • Operating stack with 5 registers and 15 indexed registers to store intermediate results.
  • Program memory with 160 cells, that is more than enough for most practical tasks.
  • Rich set of instructions including ones for subroutine calls, jumps, loops and their indirect counter-parts.
  • Support for hexadecimal and binary numbers.³
  • Copy-paste operations with a quick tap on the calculator display.

Application Details

Title: MK61+

Category: Productivity

Price: $2.99

Developer: Alexander Skobelev

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MK61+ - Alexander Skobelev


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