WritePad for iPad App Review

When I first opened WritePad it started up with Tutorial document that runs you through all of the features, it felt a bit overwhelming at first. Straight away I went looking for the new document button to go and try writing some words on a blank page, the interface is designed brilliantly with a little plus icon at the top left indicating a new document.

The brilliance doesn’t stop there, with a host of easy to use gestures like making a right angle J shape to gesture the enter command. As well as the very easy shorthand tools like putting in the date in your document, all you need to do is write the word date with your finger and then put a circle around it. It even has a built in calculator that you can write simple or even complex mathematic equations and it will calculate it and then put it into your text area.

There are two options for how you enter your text, you can either write directly in the full screen mode, even directly on top of the text you are writing or you can use the windowed mode with the handwriting input box, this allows you to have some of the handy gestures available at the touch of a button. The translator feature is also another very handy tool, you can select whatever document you want to translate into another language. Allowing you to translate from English to another language or even translate from another language back to English. This was by far my favourite feature to play with.

You can improve WritePad’s recognition of you writing style with Statistical Analyzer, when its turned on it will learn and adapt to your handwriting style. Once you are done writing your document, the next step is exporting and storing them. WritePad has a section called My DocumentS that stores all the documents you make.  Exporting is a breeze, all you need to do is click on the icon in the top left for exporting and you will see a list of options like export to facebook, twitter, email and even print via Wi-Fi. You can also synchronise with Dropbox and even exchange the files between users by using Wi-Fi.

This very clever writing tool allows you to very quickly and efficiently convert your handwriting into computer text. With every option you could want to export the documents included, this is the only writing app you will ever need.

WritePad for iPad is available now and sold exclusively in the iTunes App Store and is priced at $9.99. The US Medical dictionary is available as an in-app purchase for $4.99. To purchase the Medical dictionary, choose it as the default dictionary in the Options view, and then touch the Buy button. For more information about the WritePad product line, please visit PhatWare’s web site at https://www.phatware.com/writepad.

WritePad for iPad - Stan Miasnikov