iPhone and iPad Apps at a Glance

Going by the name of our blog, iPhoneGlance, every week we will be picking a few of the most notable, most interesting and simply the most exciting iPhone and iPad apps to share with you at a Glance. These will include apps we have already reviewed and apps we are all interested in. So lets begin:

Face Bender: An entertaining application that allow users to take a picture of someones face then bend, twist, stretch and wrap it. You have the option to mess around with the two faces that the app provides or take a picture of your friends face or your own and add some really fun and scary effects. Face Bender is fun to use! ($0.99 for iPad – App Store Link)

iSeekLaw: Finding and hiring a lawyer got much easier. Wherever you are, whatever the problem, iSeekLaw will generate a list of Law firms in your area to get you the best possible help. With every Law firm delivered via the app, you also get different ways in which to contact them (including email, phone and website), the rates they charge, the amount of years experience they have, the number of lawyers within the firm, wether they offer free consultation or not, their expertise and a lot more. (Free for iPhone – App Store Link)

Surge: The exciting game that challenges your reflexes. Get hours of fun in this frantic fast tapping action iOS game. The goal of Surge is to tap all the blocks that appear on the screen, but you must be quick. Tapping blocks that come at you in waves earn you points. Get 100% and get the option to Surge. Surge earns you more points but if you don’t continue that 100% streak while in Surge you will lose it all. ($0.99 for iPhone – App Store Link)

OrganiDoc HD: gives user a easier way to manage documents, videos and pictures on their iPad. The powerful file management app is useful to transfer files from PC through iTunes, saving your email attachment, offers a revolutionary way to present your files in respective presentation and interface, just to mention a few of the huge amount of features available. The app supports a number of different file and video formats and even allow compressed files such as ZIP and RAR to be extracted. Users even have the option to password protecting their files. ($4.99 for iPad – App Store Link)

Transport Jigsaw Puzzles 123: Looking for a game for the kids, that packs a lot of fun while it educates the little ones, then look no further Transport Jigsaw Puzzles 123 is ideal for young children between 1 to 6. Transport Jigsaw Puzzles 123 is a jigsaw puzzle that teaches children about logic, problem solving, concentration and everyday transport vehicles. According to the developer kids will excel in Problem Solving, Logical and cognitive skills, Concentration, Memory, Linguistic skills. ($2.99 for iPad – App Store Link)