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Ever wished you had an easier way to better organise your active life. Then wish no more. HeadFinder simply reminds you to get your day to day tasks done, so no more forgetting those important events, appointments and approaching deadlines. HeadFinder makes you stay on top of your active schedule and ensures you manage your ‘to do’ list.  The highly sophisticated time manager is so easy to use, with three quick taps your tasks will be set yet can be easily moved to another time if needed or your priorities change.

Like most people I have a busy routine, tasks include things I have to get done on the blog,  business calls,  meeting reminders, items needed from the supermarket,  family commitments , just to name a few. I even set a reminder to let me know what time to pick up my son from school. With HeadFinder I am so much more organised and focused on the important things.  I get a notification for every reminder I set and the notifications will not stop until I have either checked it as ‘done’ , postponed it or changed it to a later time. Throughout the interface of the app, there are these great quotes which I really love. There is no version available for the iPad yet but as soon as that is it will look fabulous.

Application Details

Title: HeadFinder

Category: Productivity

Cost: $0.99

Developer: Pavel Dibin

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