Math Monkey Game, Educational iPhone/iPad App for Kids – Review

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=4]

Give the kids some valuable math skills with iPhone/iPad app Math Monkey Game. The app comes with addition, subtraction multiplication and division problems that have been made fun with a little touch from the popular app angry birds. Catapult cupcakes at the right answer to score big. Kids will be attracted by four different scenes jungle, underwater, outer space, and in the air. To proceed to the next level you must unlock the previous and this is what make the app challenging.

The app takes a bit of practice but kids will grasped it quickly. The app is probably best for kids 5 or 6 years and older. Mix with physics, accuracy and logic, parents and teachers will love Math Monkey Game. An app to keep the attention of the kids. Fun and interactive we like Math Monkey Game.

“Children have so much fun they don’t even realize they’re practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This is the perfect game for kids, parents and teachers!”

Application Details

Title: Math Monkey Game – Addition, Subtraction, Multi

Category: Education

Cost: $2.99

Developer: Fila LLC

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Math Monkey Game - Addition, Subtraction, Multi... - Math Game Time

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