jAggy Race, A Gravity-Centric Racing Game for iPhone/iPad

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=4]

jAggy race is a very impressive, well designed gravity kart racing game. Ride solo on over 20 tracks, race upside down, backwards and flip through the air, not knowing where you might land. Start off with a five level tutorial to get a hang of the controls and progress through some more challenging levels. Like most karting games you will have to complete the laps in a given time to progress to the next level. Get trophies when you complete the track in time, aim high because three gold trophies in a game level unlocks a bonus track. Speed is paramount but a little restraint is needed in order to avoid those dreaded obstacles, otherwise you might go shooting off into space or hitting lasers and buzz saw , that will take you back to the last checkpoint.

For the very competitive player, online leaderboards for every level gives you the chance to showoff your high score. jAggy Race is so challenging I got to levels that seemed impossible to complete but there is always a way. The lovely looking 3D graphics makes it hard to put this game down. Gameplay is smooth, fast and fun. It’s not often a game comes along and dominate my iPhone use but  jAggy Race has done just that I love it.

Application Details

Title: jAggy Race

Category: Games

Cost: $0.99

Developer: Tiziano Bizzini

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