iPhoneGlance Weekly App Digest: October 18

It’s our second week of the blog’s application at-a-glance. If you miss last weeks digest you can see it here. If you miss our Facebook and Twitter update about our new weekly app digest then I will just let you know what it’s about. Basically, every week we will be choosing a few iPhone/iPad apps that is most noticeable, interesting and exciting. These will be apps send in to us that we think is worth mentioning and some apps we have reviewed. If your a developer and want to see your app in our digest then please contact us.

jAggy Race – a very impressive, well designed gravity kart racing game. Ride solo on over 20 tracks, race upside down, backwards and flip through the air, not knowing where you might land. Start off with a five level tutorial to get a hang of the controls and progress through some more challenging levels. App Store Download Link


HeadFinder – Ever wished you had an easier way to better organise your active life. Then wish no more. HeadFinder simply reminds you to get your day to day tasks done, so no more forgetting those important events, appointments and approaching deadlines. HeadFinder makes you stay on top of your active schedule and ensures you manage your ‘to do’ list. App Store Download Link


My Country: build your dream city HD – by far the best city builder app we have come across on the iTunes App Store. The objective of this strategy game is to build a city from scratch and turn it into your own dream land. The steps are simple, build residential properties or business buildings, create jobs, hire professionals and launch contracts. App Store Download Link


Word Ball – taps into a different genre of word building apps and games. By providing a unique approach and gameplay, Word Ball adds a different twist to word games and demonstrates the evolution of the rapidly growing and popular gaming category. Word Ball will challenge your word building skills in a fast paced and fun word game. It provides a beneficial brain training exercise that allows the user to focus and think on their feet when building words as quickly as possible. App Store Download Link


Cartoons – Cartoons is a free app dedicated to kids and grownups! It’s fun and easy to use. Children can sit and watch their favourite shows from a wide series of cartoons stored in our library. Cartoons is also ideal for parents: they can easily create and customise playlists for their children to enjoy. App Store Download Link