Multiplication Table, Fun and Interesting With App 2×2=4, Video Review

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Update: 2×2=4 is only $1.99 instead of $4.99.


Application Update: The application has recently been updated to support iOS 5, there is also now a division mode in the learn section.

When it comes to learning the multiplication table, it is a tedious task for some kids, they basically find it boring. But with education application 2×2=4, learning the table just got fun and interesting. 2×2=4 allows kids to easily catch on with multiplications by including a game that requires a bit of speed and basic knowledge. Sink the pirates ship before they sink yours, you need to answer quickly or the they will shoot there cannon at you. Children can sometime get frustrated if they dot the answer to the calculation but the developer though of this and added a tab that reveals the answer, but it reminds you to remember.

The app is mostly about multiplications table but there is a division section put in by the developer I guess for an added bonus. We do notice however that the app only goes up to the nine multiplication table but I’m sure the developer will and the rest soon. All in all 2×2=4 is a well though through app, great for your child and will get them learning the multiplications table in no time. There is also a free version available HERE for you to try out before buying.

Application Details

Title: 2×2=4

Price: $1.99

Category: Education

Developer: Alexander Aplemakh

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