Help The Crocodile Clean it’s Teeth. Open Wide Snap – Kids Book For iPad

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Open Wide Snap is a wonderful story for young children about a crocodile who is looking for a friend to help him clean his black teeth.   The music that begins at the beginning of the app caused my 3 year old to run across the room to see what was happening  so it’s a very attention getter.

The rhyming verses fascinated my young son and  the illustrations of the crocodile and his black teeth reinforced my own discussions with him about the importance of brushing his teeth properly. The app also introduces the child to animals like Monkey, Hyena, Rabbit and Emu. The ‘snap’ at the end of each page ensures the child knows when to swipe to the next page to continue the story.

Each scene has extras for the child to touch and hear the spoken word  such as  grass, sky, sun and moon. The whole story is well written and  the verses are just the right length to hold a young childs attention for the duration and my son was really enthralled by the voices of the different characters in the story .

In the early Hyena and Emu scenes the crocodiles teeth are not black and this caused my son to be slightly confused.  It would be better if the crocodiles teeth were consistently black until he gets them cleaned.  The story ends on a positive note with the crocodile having found a friend to clean his teeth but to make it absolutely clear that the story has ended the final 2 verses  could be reversed so that the last sentence is ‘ goodbye little rabbit, I hope i’ll see you soon’. All in all, a very engaging and  enjoyable story  for kids.

The ‘read it yourself ‘ option would be perfect for an older child who can already read.  The app also comes with 3 puzzles and a matching game which features all the characters from the main story. The puzzles kept my son entertained for a very long time.

Open Wide Snap comes comes from the same developer that brought us Hide Run Growl, 4 out of 5 for this app. Look forward to more from this developer.

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Title: Open Wide Snap

Price: $1.99

Category: Books

Developer: Kid-estorybooks

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