Fun for Kids HD: Interactive iOS Picture Book to Help Kids Learn New Things

iPhoneGlance Rating [rating=4]

Fun for kids HD is a picture book for both iPhone and iPad which is filled with a huge collection of brilliant looking photos and games to help make your child learn new things. Containing four different groups, with over 70 pictures, there’s no room for boredom. The pictures are all in full screen and tapping each will announce to the child what the item is, the child also gets the chance to hear what sound the items make, for example the sound a boat makes. Swipe motion and arrow keys makes it easy and fun for kids to navigate through pictures, my three year old had no problem.

The pictures from four collections; animals, baby animals, vehicles and Things, makes up three great games. Games like one out of four, where the child must identify the correct picture from the announced word on screen. There is also a memory game and ten 9-piece jigsaw puzzles that will add even more fun. Fun for Kids HD supports multiple languages, including Spanish, German, Swedish and English (US and UK).

Fun For Kids HD is child friendly and brilliantly put together. The games are fun and interesting and will keep the kids entertain for sure. The app interface is clean, the voices are clear and easy to understand. The app is simple but brilliant, we love it.

Application Details

Title: Fun For Kids HD

Price: $0.99

Category: Games

Developer: Tycero

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Fun for Kids HD - Tycero

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