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Nom Nom monkey is one little monkey with a huge appetite. Help the little guy get is daily portion of fruits. Nom through falling fruits apples, bananas, mangoes, pineapple and even coconuts. Control nom nom with the right and left arrows to collect fruits. The more you get the monkey to eat, the more points you earn. Earning points builds up your combo multiplier. The game currently consist of two modes frenzy and survival with another mode to come soon.

Race against the clock and nom as much fruit as possible in a minute, if you nom the golden fruit you can earn extra time to keep the round going, that’s in frenzy mode. Survival mode is where it gets a bit more interesting, you will still need to nom as much fruits as possible but along with fallen fruits you will have a few bombs which you need to avoid. To make things even more interesting, spears randomly pop up from the ground to block your path.

Nom Nom Monkey is great fun. I just couldn’t get enough. The graphics are simply amazing, the sound is spot on and the whole game play is prefect.

Application Details

Title: Nom Nom Monkey

Price: $0.99

Category: Games

Developer: T.J Gould and D.J Simmons

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Nom Nom Monkey - Uninspired Productions



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