Win an iPhone 4S with Best Mobile Contracts

Competition as now Ended.

To celebrate the launch of the latest iPhone, leading UK mobile phone comparison website Best Mobile Contracts as teamed up with iPhoneGlance to offer UK readers the chance to win their very own iPhone 4S – absolutely free.

The iPhone 4S has been on sale for less than a month and is already becoming the biggest selling iPhone of all time. This is despite initial criticism about its physical similarity to the iPhone 4. As people are quickly learning – although it may look like the iPhone 4, there is so much wonderment inside that the iPhone 4S probably couldn’t be any more different if it tried.

The biggest change to come with the iPhone 4S is Siri – the voice control assistant. Siri is set to change the way that we use smartphones perhaps as drastically as the original iPhone did in 2007 with the introduction of touchscreens.

Siri does not work like earlier voice control systems. It is capable of more than just basic web searches or digging out contacts – and you don’t need to memorise a small set of commands to use it. Siri will understand your natural speech!

Siri is incorporated into virtually all areas of the iPhone 4S – allowing you to check the weather, send messages and emails or set reminders and book calendar appointments. You can even ask Siri about the meaning of life and she will have an answer – and the internet is already awash with hundreds of witty comebacks that Siri has given to people’s questions.

On top of Siri the iPhone 4S comes with better messaging features including iMessage, Find my Friends and Twitter integration. It features an improved 8 megapixel 1080p camera and vastly improved graphical processing making the iPhone 4S the most intense gaming experience that can be held in the palm of your hands.

No doubt about it the iPhone 4S is an awesome phone – but there is also no doubt about the fact that it is a pricey one too. If the price is the main thing holding you back from purchasing the latest iPhone 4S then perhaps you can try your luck with the Best Mobile Contracts iPhone 4S competition.

Simply visit the competition page and answer one simple question. The competition closes on November 15th and the winner will be chosen completely at random. You never know, you could be the lucky person receiving a free, unlocked iPhone 4S straight to your door!

Competition is open to only UK residence.